Defiance At​-​Large

by Regional Faction

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Calling the band official in 2009, Regional Faction began laying the groundwork for what would later become their debut album. Naturally drawing influence from the mid 1990’s “So-Cal” music scene, Regional Faction designed their own arrangement of controlled pandemonium.

Up tempo and combined with well placed, punk rock pocket beats, makes for an exciting thirty four and a half minute listen. That’s of course if you're into the sorta things that can easily be associated with an aggressive carnival ride! The guitar riffs are well designed, and packed with energy and knockout leads. Bass and drums combine as one to hard drive the machine’s rhythm section. Vocals abide the lyrical hook, and consistently push the pace. Regional Faction’s “Defiance At-Large” is a worthy listen!


released 06 November 2012

Regional Faction is:
Tyler Hoggat - Lead Vocals & Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Scott Riedy - Backups & Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Jeff Schellhase - Backups & Bass
Tim Norton - Drums

Recorded at Titan Recording Studio by Scot Michael (who assisted greatly with producing, collaborating, engineering, and all other aspects of making the album what it is) during the summer of 2012.



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Regional Faction Seattle, Washington

Profound, purposeful, protagonists of the new Seattle punk rock movement. Dutiful, dialectic, denigrate of the 1%. A sincere attempt at blending LA, Seattle, and Ontario styles with a twist of social consciousness and zeitgeist commentary.

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Track Name: 8th for my Dad
Look around, what do you see?
Another fist that will haunt you.
When you scream no one will listen
To those stories they you tell
Because they justify no means.

Visions distort inside my head.
Illusions of justice and freedom
Become a part of the problem.
We'll break out the guns again.

Proud now of what you've done.
You can't stop.
You know you must carry on a legend from an unknown source
Even though a voice inside your head begs let me out!

This is a place I know I was once deceived.
This is a place I know I'd rather leave.
Track Name: Gremlin
How was I suppose to figure out the
staple of this dream would be reduced
by symmetry back down to nothing?
The origin of the entire human race dates back to misinterpretations
from what we've all been taught or sold.
A state of panic gives way to this modern alchemy
created by the ones who hold onto the gun.

You have nothing to live for
except for one health ridden disease
if you choose to believe in this
corrupt system.

I will refuse to let it go.
And I will make sure the ones
responsible for this are exposed.
They've come in too close to me.

You have nothing to live for
except for one health ridden disease
if you choose to believe in this
Track Name: Komodo Ranch Hand
This life reflects a paradigm that is similar to what we know as entrapment.
How could I catch you off guard with such a statement when you act so content with the latest
technological advancements?

You reek of habit and you will never escape this grave.
You’ve planted the seeds to seal your troubled fate.
Now your time is running out.
You will not live on eternally.
Your blind faith is failing you.

Another night of discursively discarding all of these lies that lead to nowhere.
As you masticate, you are praying for a sudden death.
Euthanasia will never claim your soul.
There’s nowhere left to turn.
Track Name: Resin 7
I'm alight of what's been happening inside my own mind
and I want out of it. If I'm alive then tell me how.
Please teach me the ways to betray my will.

For those of you who need a reason,
stand up for what you believe in.
The time and place is now.
We played by the rules and walked within the lines.
Trained in thought to be confined.

This experiment has kept me numb
and drawn to your whip with my back exposed.
I'll add a new chapter to the allegory.
Only to see all of my efforts to save face fail.

Such extreme abuse.
In exchange for endless avenues.
Equivalence made.
Track Name: Dog on a Leash
Under the ground
Heavily sedated
More bodies than places to build
Realism shunned
Damages done project a fear

When the pages turn
A lesson to learn about longevity
Simply not to ask
It’s better to run

Break out of neutral
Regain control

There is no martyr that will be remembered
In this story
For all that took place right here
Might as well succumb to the mindless self-indulgence

No wait
Track Name: Breath of the Yeti
In times when nobody notices who we are; that’s when we will rise above the elements.
To help make the breakthrough we are disguised by monism (tranquilized).
These side effects are everlasting.
When you find yourself relaxing something will erupt those inner fears.
The Guinea pig becomes alive…

And it’s you upon the pedestal (the deviant rubric).
Do you believe in irony?
Can you prove that it works in ways to falter these abrupt implications that destroy everything?

I’m baffled by all the confusion that’s tried to steal my fate.
As if I’m not allowed to think between all the breaths that I take, I’ve developed an uncanny way of how to beat it.
Track Name: N.P.S.
No I will not take your side and I don't care if it's right or wrong.
I will stand my ground, I am defiant and proud.
They tell me it's what I should be...

Well, have we all stopped resisting?
Do we believe that we're free?
We're nothing more than what appears to me.
An epitaph that's empty. This harvest of a mass defeat.
Until we admit the truth.

I weigh the options out that I will have to face,
if I repeal their apocalyptic warfare.
I see mostly the bad coming for me as they're building a wall from all sides.
I'm in despair.

Well, have we all stopped resisting?
Do we believe that we're free?
We're nothing more than what appears to me.
An epitaph that's empty. This harvest of a mass defeat.
Until we admit the truth.
Track Name: Pet Salmon
The year is 1993.
Their organization has sold its machine off to the US military.
As a weapon of defense the lid has been kept tightly sealed.

As far as the story goes… …The weapons they’ve been using seem unfathomable.
Who’s to blame?
Where can we place our faith anymore?

Still searching for the answers through the fog I think I’ve found one.
The unraveling of our own existence hinges upon the backs of a few.
How lucky are we all to have no desire to care?

They will get away with it and we will be alone in the dark.
Intoxicated again by the same distractions, who’s to blame?
Where do we place our faith anymore?

It’s second nature leaving brothers behind, strewn in the wake of evolutions design.
Track Name: River Leach
This battle is won but the war is just beginning to escalate.
This is called the calm right before the eye of the storm.
All we can do is wait for a change to take hold.

When it does that is when we’ll know.
They are taking bets that we won’t know.

Just what we thought they were never capable doing (coexisting within); you are the host playing a game to take over the machine.

We were put here to interrogate your mind, body, and soul.
We now have full control over what you say, do and think.
You have lost free will.
You will become another puppet on a string.

Can we live up to what’s expected of us?
Breaching the inner sphere a controlled demolition just went off in my head.
Now I’m handicapped.
Here’s the change. Don’t hesitate.

If you do that’s when they’ll know.
Track Name: Revenge Cousin
I feel paralyzed down through my knees.
Isn’t this the land of missed opportunities?
If it is then why do we still proceed to follow the rules?

Detoured by the lack of any real commitment so I say that I am giving up.
To be alive to me is nothing more than wishful thinking.
But if I am too distraught from all the psycho bullshit I’ll never see through the fog where anything is possible.

Let go of those inhibitions that lie inside of your half-digested, malnourished mind.
All of the answers to your problems have been dummied up.

But there is a flipside to every coin.
If I was blind I could still see there was no gulley left for me to squander through.
In repeated attempts I will outrun this nightmare… but there’s no way to win.

This time I won’t rely on anyone but me to strip ‘em clean to the bone.
We all use gasoline.
If you can’t understand the ways to keep your enemies at bay then your fucked.

In repeated attempts I will outrun this nightmare… I’ll show you there’s a way to win.
Track Name: Colt 45
Read between the lines nothing is what it seems.
Welcome to the world of sheep.
Misbelief through lies and accusations.
A “hidden agenda” to control a nation.

You waste your life away…
…Another day more of the same.
Content without change,
You close your eyes then turn away.
Tell me who’s to blame.
Anything and Everyone.

Yeah, it’s all the same, there’s nothing new.
The duplicity you’ve grown accustomed to.
You’re hiding in the shadows of the meek.
False words; spreading disease
And polluting our minds.

Some days you're face down, ass backwards and turned around.
Sometimes nothing right, fucked up days and shitty nights.
Still I feel the same, full of pride I can’t complain.
Sometimes I can’t explain, wishing I was on that plane.
Track Name: Bison
You never thought that this could last so you pull apart the things that keep your head on your
Will you try to live your life?

Until you’re dead you will just be buried alive.
You’ll never understand the reasons why you’re really here.
You’ll fade away and never be remembered for anything you’ve done.

Try to hold onto what’s ever within your grasp at the time.
Don’t ever fall behind.

These times are changing fast and becoming inapt here for us all except for the heiress.
When distractions become the point of focus for us we have to see through their covert ideas.